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Tricks on How to Apply Eyeshadow

Tricks on How to Apply Eyeshadow

When it comes to applying eyeshadow, there are many tricks you can try. Darker colors will add intensity, whereas lighter shades will look flattering on hooded eyes. You can also use a brush, such as the MAC 217, to help blend colors. For beginners, dabbing with a clean finger can help you blend colors evenly.

Darker colors add intensity

Using darker colors to highlight the eyelids will add depth and intensity to the look. Darker shades will also be easier to blend, so use a smaller brush for a more precise application. When applying dark eyeshadow, remember that it can be messy if you do not apply it correctly. It is best to avoid using multiple shades if you are just starting out.

Before applying eyeshadow, use a primer, foundation, or concealer to conceal any imperfections. Next, use a dark shade of eyeshadow to the inner third of your eyelid. Tap or swipe the color upward from the lash line to the outer corner.

Lighter shades are flattering on hooded eyes

If you’ve got hooded eyes, there are a few tricks that can help you create a flattering look. First, you should avoid using heavy eyeliner. For best results, line the upper lash line only. This will make your eyes appear smaller. Also, if you want to create a dramatic look, try using false eyelashes. Make sure the strip is thin and transparent.

Using a concealer underneath the hooded eye area will prevent the makeup from looking heavy and tired. A light eyeshadow color can also be helpful. You can start by applying concealer to the inner corner of your eye. Then, apply eyeshadow on the orbital bone (the bone just below the eyebrow). You’ll want to use lighter shades on the insides of your eyes and darker shades on the outsides.

Using the Eye Blender Brush

Using the Eye Blender Brush to apply your eyeshadow is a great way to create a smooth finish and avoid clumps. This brush has soft, curved fibers that are ideal for applying color smoothly across your eyelids. This brush also has an angled side that helps you highlight the brow bone.

You can use the Eye Blender Brush to apply eyeshadow to the entire eye or to the inner corner. The dense head allows for blending, and the tiny size makes application easy even for beginners. You can use this brush to apply a light layer of eyeshadow to your lash line, or you can use it to prepare the eye area before you apply your liner.

Using the MAC 217

The MAC 217 is a great brush for applying and blending eyeshadow. It’s a good choice for highlighting your brow bone and blending cream eyeshadows. The MAC 217’s soft bristles make it a versatile brush for a variety of makeup purposes.

While this brush doesn’t do the job of a traditional eyeshadow brush, it’s great for blending in eyeshadow and gel/cream liners. The small size of the 217 makes it an easy, fast way to blend and pack colour onto your lids. The curved shape also makes it easy to work with and blend the shadow with.

Using the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color

This stick eye shadow provides easy application, intense color, and 12 hours of wear. It’s available in matte and creamy shimmer finishes and dries crease resistant. It can be used alone or layered with eyeshadow to create a customized look. It also blends well and removes easily with a makeup remover or facial wash product.

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