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Ps4 Game

Which PS4 Game Should You Play?

Unless you are a seasoned gaming veteran, you are probably looking for your next PS4 game. There are a number of good games available for your system, but which one is the best? I will tell you about my top games, from Poop Slinger to Nioh, and the budget price that will keep you coming back for more. You might also want to check out my review of Overcooked. This game is an absolute blast to play, and you will definitely want to pick up a copy!

Poop Slinger

The Poop Slinger PS4 game is one of the most sought-after PS4 games on the market today. Although it has an unusual title and isn’t widely available, it is still available for a hefty price on the second-hand market. The game’s development and publication was carried out by Russian-born developer Limited Rare Games. The company took out a bank loan to finance the project. The game’s release date, April 1, was chosen to maximize sales and the limited number of copies available.


The storyline of the Nioh PS4 game takes place during the late 1600s in Japan. Various clans were fighting each other for supremacy before the Tokugawa Shogunate. Because of this conflict, mysterious Yokai began appearing. You play as William Adams, the first Western samurai, who is on a mission to find Edward Kelley. As you fight against various enemies, you’ll encounter historical figures and encounter new challenges.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a horror video game published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is an interactive drama that follows the lives of eight young adults on Blackwood Mountain. The game will keep you on the edge of your seat as you play through the terrifying scenarios of the upcoming title. You can even create your own playthrough by letting other players play through it first. In this way, you can experience the horror firsthand without having to read the storyline first.


The Overcooked PS4 game features a variety of challenges and new features that are sure to please even the most seasoned cooking fanatic. It is a fast-paced, cooperative cooking experience that offers both simple controls and deep challenges. The game’s multiplayer mode is one of the best experiences you’ll have on any console, and it is well worth your time and money. It’s the perfect game to play with friends or with a group of four.

Horizon Forbidden West

In 2022, action role-playing games are all the rage. The 2022 game Horizon Forbidden West is no exception. Developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, this game is set in the wild west. Players must overcome the challenges that lie in their way and save the people of the world from a band of evil thugs. Read on for more details. In this review, we’ll take a look at the game’s storyline and what you need to know to beat it.

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