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5 Canadian Chinese Restaurants

Five Canadian Chinese Restaurants

A Chinese restaurant is a dining establishment that serves Chinese food. Typically, this cuisine is cooked in the style of Cantonese cuisine. However, Chinese restaurants across the world have adapted their style of cooking to meet the tastes and preferences of the local people. For example, Canadian and American Chinese restaurants are likely to prepare dishes in the style of Cantonese cuisine, but they may also use ingredients that are more locally sourced.

LES restaurant

If you love pan-Asian food, you’ll love this Chinese restaurant at LES. It serves dozens of congee varieties and has an impressive menu of soups and salads. You can also enjoy colorful cocktails and a wide selection of sea cucumber preparations. For lunch, you can order a set menu or order takeout or delivery.

This upscale Chinese restaurant is run by Danny Bowien, who first opened it in San Francisco. He has been known for his creative, modern interpretations of classic Chinese dishes. His menu is sure to please any palate.

Little Tong

Simone Tong’s cooking is full of creativity and reverence for ingredients. The menu includes half a dozen mixians and eight appetizer-portioned delicacies. At Little Tong, you can eat like a local and savor the authentic flavors of Yunnan.

Simone Tong first opened Little Tong in the East Village, where it became part of a booming wave of Chinese restaurants. She also has a restaurant at the Deco food hall and an outpost in Midtown East. In the following year, she plans to open a restaurant called Silver Apricot in the West Village.

The simple and understated Everest Hakka House serves amazing Indo-Chinese food that they describe as cheap but in generous servings. These servings include soups, spring rolls, pakoras, Hakka noodles, rice dishes, Chinese biryanis, and a variety of Hakka-style curry dishes. This amazing variety is paired with Tsingtao beer from China and Cheetah and King Fisher beers from India. This is a truly immersive Asian dining experience.

Silver Apricot

Chinese food at Silver Apricot is reimagined local fare infused with Chinese flavors. The ambiance is relaxed and the menu is complemented by sake, craft beer, and wine. The service is impeccable, and the menu changes seasonally, but always offers something new and fresh.

The menu is full of unique twists on familiar dishes, including shrimp and grits infused with white charcoal. Chef Simone Tong’s menu is futuristic, yet grounded in the culinary history of China. The restaurant has received rave reviews from the New York Times, Eater, and Gothamist.

With a Chinese population of nearly five percent, it’s no wonder that there are amazing Chinese restaurants in Canada with a concentration in both Toronto and Vancouver. We’ve chosen our favorites of the best Chinese restaurants in Canada and think you’ll agree.

Shun Lee Dynasty

If you’re in the mood for Chinese food, you can’t go wrong at Shun Lee Dynasty. This upscale Chinese eatery serves traditional Chinese dishes in an elegant setting. Whether you’re in the mood for spicy food or comforting food that’s reminiscent of home, you’ll find it here.

The original Shun Lee Dynasty opened at 900 Second Avenue, on 48th Street, in 1965. The original chef, Wang Ching-Ting, was discovered while working at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC. The restaurant’s interior was designed by mid-century designer Russel Wright, and the china was produced by the Sterling China Company.

Traditional in decor serving delectable dim sum and Cantonese-inspired specialties, Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant is a neighborhood fixture that is always bustling. Operating for more than a decade now, they’ve been diligent in maintaining excellent food and service for its patrons.

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